• Things to consider before ordering a cake online for the first time!

    If you are ordering cake online for the very first time, here is a small check list to follow so you can make your first experience a happy one!

    Quality and Quantity:It is important to deal with only quality cake sellers. There are plenty of websites online that offer good quality cakes and pastries at best prices. But, there are also many websites that don’t! So, you must do your research and read some testimonials before ordering any eatables online. Once you zero down upon your cake shop, now look out for the appropriate quantity of cake that you wish to order. There will be options available such as half kg, 1 kg and so on.

    Customizations: This is one of the main benefits you get as you Buy Cake Online in Mumbai or anywhere else across the country. Can choose the theme of the cake, its design according to your requirements. For example: If you are a book lover, make a book themed cake or if your friend loves a specific cartoon character, you can get the cake made in that particular theme. Customization is true happiness. Nowadays, there are 3D cakes and photo cakes also made available easily.

    Eggless Option/ Vegan Option:If you have a special requirement of an eggless cake or vegetarian cake, no worries! There are numerous veg cake sellers online that make delicious eggless cakes. There is no compromise in the softness or taste contrary to the popular belief. So be rest assured while buying eggless cakes online.

    Delivery:Most of the sellers online are ready to deliver your orders across the country. However, some sellers are city oriented too. So, if you want to buy cakes in Mumbai, or Send Cakes in Mumbai from another city, you can choose a city specific online dealer. Make sure you mention the correct delivery date and time, so your cake order arrives timely.


    Pricing: Pricing differs from seller to seller. However, there should not be a major difference amongst the competition cake websites. You must check a few of them before finalising on one and also note the additional delivery charges, taxes and other charges if any. Choose the best option considering all the factors including the quality as per your budget. 

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    Thông tin này rất hữu ích đối với tôi

    Samedi 26 Mai 2018 à 10:17

    Thanks for share!

    Samedi 26 Mai 2018 à 10:18

    I like the information you have shared

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